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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

GAD chooses Swedish stone

Floating table tops in Gotland limestone are a hallmark of GAD, but now we also welcome the stone known as Skåne's black gold.

As of May 2021, we only use Swedish stone in our furniture production. Our granite table tops from Italy have been replaced with black diabase from the Hägghultsbrottet in Lönsboda. An important step in our sustainability work!

G.A.D table with diabase ski

Diabase is an exclusive and hard-to-find rock that was formed during volcanic eruptions from the Earth's inner core 900-1500 million years ago, when glowing magma was pushed up to the Earth's surface in the narrow fissures of the primordial rock.

The diabase found and mined in north-eastern Skåne and the Hägghultsbrott since the turn of the last century is particularly sought after for its deep black tone, its durability and its weight. It has a matte and saturated exclusivity that can only be found in solid natural materials of the highest class.

As a furniture stone, diabase is very durable and can be cleaned with any cleaning agent.


As before, we buy our limestone from Stenfabriken in Burgsvik in southern Gotland. Here, too, factories and quarrying have been carried out for over a hundred years, with the same traditional craftsmanship now as then.

The limestone in the Baltic Sea was formed over 500 million years ago and mainly consists of the substance calcite and shell remains from corals and shells. The Hoburg limestone is full of beautiful fossils that make each slice unique. The fossil can be more or less prominent and is muted when the disc is matte sanded.

Limestone is often described as sensitive. We want to turn against that perception. Lemon and acidic substances/agents can cause permanent damage to the surface (which can of course be sanded away), but otherwise the only important thing is to use the right cleaning agent = soap, and preferably to act quickly. Soap is alkaline and cleans the surface without clogging the pores of the stone and preventing dehumidification. For oil or grease stains, use petrol or T spirit.


Finding enough Swedish timber of the right kind and quality is more difficult. Right now we are developing a number of products made in Gotland core wood (pine) from Ardre, which is a parish on the eastern side of the island. Among other things, the percussion table called Ardre will be made of this wood. We are also investigating the possibility of developing furniture in Gotland elm.

Other wood - the vast majority of what we use, in birch and oak - we cannot find in sufficiently high quality/quantity in Sweden. We buy birch of the right quality from Finland and oak grows in Europe. Our endeavor is to continue developing products in pine, and from a sustainability perspective it is also wise to choose birch over oak, because birch grows and renews much faster.

Core wood from Ardre will become Ardre tables, among other things.

Hägghultsbrottet diabas Lönsboda
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