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Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

Gysinge soap linseed oil soap 500ml

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Gysingesapá. Linseed oil soap with unbeatable cleaning power, made from the highest quality linseed oil. Our linseed oil soap is rich, thick and free of preservatives. Biologically easily degradable and labeled with the Swan's Nordic Ecolabel.

Gysinge soap cleans, regreases and protects wooden and stone surfaces. Dissolves dirt already in cold water and is therefore excellent for traditional scrub floors.

Gysingesopa is a versatile product! It can be used for all cleaning in the home such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, washing brushes, outdoor furniture, removing stains from clothes and much more. Note! Use with care on linseed oil painted surfaces.

A really good linseed oil soap is characterized by the fact that it is oily, that is, it has a high content of fatty acids. Gysinge soap is made from the highest quality oil that is cold-pressed from the linseed and then saponified. Identical to soap making in the 19th century and earlier. The glycerol that is released is not removed, which gives the soap a smooth texture.

Bottle made of recycled plastic. Recycle as plastic packaging. Unscrew the cork on the packaging to facilitate recycling.

Content: 20-30% saponified linseed oil; <0.1% perfume. pH value approx. 11. Certified with the Swan's Nordic Ecolabel. License number: 3026 0202

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

Furniture craftsmanship from Gotland

GAD was started in 1997, as a reaction to increasing mass production.


Only Swedish production

All GAD's manufacturing has been done in Sweden since the start, mainly in our own carpentry in Hemse on Gotland.