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Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

Växbo Linen - Dish cloth in linen

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The dishcloth from Växbo Lin is made in Sweden from 100% linen. It is woven with a technique that makes it light and flexible. It has real city edges and is hemmed on two sides. Linen has the unique property of absorbing moisture better and then drying faster than any other natural material. A linen dishcloth absorbs effectively and can be wiped really dry. When necessary, the linen dishcloth is machine washed at 60° or boiled in a pot of water on the stove. The linen comes from nature, so when the cloth has done its job, it is put on the compost. The dishcloth has a hanger so it is easy to hang it up to dry and it is also marked with "Good environmental choice".

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

Furniture craftsmanship from Gotland

GAD was started in 1997, as a reaction to increasing mass production.


Only Swedish production

All GAD's manufacturing has been done in Sweden since the start, mainly in our own carpentry in Hemse on Gotland.