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Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

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In our shop you will find our furniture of the highest quality with carefully selected materials - built by our carpenters on Gotland since 1997.

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

Ardre stand in Gotland core pine

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It doesn't get more locally produced than this. Ardre setting is done in this version of Gotland core pine grown and sawn in Ardre parish, just twenty minutes from our carpentry.
The core pine from Gotland is taken from the core of firs that have grown slowly in barren soil, which makes it particularly saturated in hartz and resin substances, and thus heavy. The grain of the wood gives a beautiful and lively material with a very "natural wood feel".

The surface treatment is done with white-pigmented soap, which gives a light, durable and easy-care piece of furniture that grays over time and acquires an almost antique patina.

The base of the bench can be painted in one of our standard colors or any color of your choice (which you specify with a color code) for an additional fee. Regardless of standard color or optional color, state your choice in the comments field when placing your order.

H: 90 cm
L: 122 cm
D: 35 cm

The story of Ardre from Ardre

2022 will be 25 years since Kristian Eriksson founded GAD and designed classic Ardre percussion tables for his Gotlandsgård in Ardre parish. For a quarter of a century, we have done what we believe in: Real furniture in real materials, with all manufacturing in Sweden.
To celebrate this and raise our sustainability ambitions another step, we are relaunching Ardre percussion table in Gotland heartwood pine. Of course, we and others with us will build furniture from this fantastic material - and other Swedish wood. That demand is growing among you customers and us manufacturers is an important part, and that we have sawmills and timber players who actively contribute to making Swedish furniture wood available to another.

We personally have two heroes at Ardre to thank for this launch, Lasse Olsson and Ove Nilsson. Both families have been in Ardre and owned the forest and the sawmill for generations, and now they are working for more people to choose Gotland core wood, and very specifically the trees that took root when their grandfathers' parents owned the forest and the sawmill in the latter half of the 19th century .
In other words, to choose a piece of furniture in Gotland core pine from Ardre is to take part in a heritage far older than GAD's 25 years. That thought makes us humble and proud.

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 1997

Furniture craftsmanship from Gotland

GAD was started in 1997, as a reaction to increasing mass production.


Only Swedish production

All GAD's manufacturing has been done in Sweden since the start, mainly in our own carpentry in Hemse on Gotland.