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Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 199

Furniture soap, for oak and birch

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The furniture soap consists of soap flakes that should be dissolved in lukewarm water. The soap treatment, which is basically a cleaning method, means that the surface is protected by saturating it. The wood is left open with a fantastic natural feel, but gives a more delicate surface than an oiled one. A soaped piece of furniture should be cared for regularly to maintain its brightness. Table surfaces that are used a lot should always be wiped with soap, preferably once a week at first.

The flakes are in a jar with a lid and are delivered with sandpaper and rags.

Contains approx. 1 dl.

Signed Swedish furniture craftsmanship since 199

Furniture craftsmanship from Gotland

GAD was started in 1997, as a reaction to increasing mass production.


Only Swedish production

All GAD's manufacturing has been done in Sweden since the start, mainly in our own carpentry in Hemse on Gotland.